Driekoppen Game Farm


Driekoppen, is situated 13 kilometers by provincial dirt road, off the R34 which runs between Vrede and Memel in the North Eastern Free State. When traveling from Johannesburg, past Heidelberg, a departure to the left is taken from the N3 toll road at Villiers, about one kilometer before reaching the toll gate. One follows the road to Newcastle past the town of Cornelia on the alternative route R103. Some twenty six kilometers past Cornelia, a left turn is taken onto the R34 in the direction of Vrede. Just before one reaches the town of Vrede, a right turn to Memel/Newcastle on the R34 is taken. This departure from the R34 is almost half way to Memel. When commuting from Vrede in the direction of Memel/Newcastle one takes the S226 turn-off to the right approximately 33km from Vrede. Once on the S226, you can follow the Driekoppen Game Farm direction boards. After traveling another 6 kilometers on the dirt road, one turns right at the farm Draaihoogte into the S1142. This road takes one directly to Driekoppen, another 7 kilometers from the Draaihoogte right-turn.

GPS Co-Ords: S 27º 42’ 24.40” E 29 º 17’ 33.82”

  • Johannesburg to Heidelberg (N3) 50 kilometers
  • Heidelberg to Villiers (N3) 66 kilometers
  • Villiers to Cornelia (R103 alternative route) 35 kilometers
  • Cornelia to Vrede (R34) 41 kilometers
  • Vrede to Tafelkop turn-off (R34) 30 kilometers
  • Tafelkop turn off to Driekoppen (S226 and S1142) 13 kilometers
  • Tel. 058 913 3355 Office hours
  • Tel. 084 514 6376 All hours