Driekoppen Game Farm

Other Activities


Hiking through the natural surrounds of Driekoppen is a totally unique experience as this is the ideal and encouraged way to interact with all facets of nature available on the Estate. We offer a choice of four different routes varying in degrees of intensity and difficulty.

The routes can take the form from a brisk two hour trek to a full day's hiking whilst savouring the sight of the game in a beautiful habitat, the ambient sound of the abundant bird life and the feel of the crisp cleanness of the air.

Star Gazing

Due to the partly isolated location of Driekoppen, we have little to no light polution from the neighbouring towns of Vrede and Memel, which by radius, is more than thirty kilometers away. The Estate is situated on an altitude of between 1750 and 2300 meters above sea level. This, together with unpolluted air, offers the star gazer the perfect setting for an extremely fast growing scientific pastime